Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Turnovers are the story of Week 7 in the NFL

I'll go game by game.

Cincinnatti Bengals vs. Atlanta Falcons (Final score 39-32 Falcons):
  • Matt Ryan (Falcons) threw 1 interception to Leon Hall
  • Cedric Benson (Bengals) fumbled, recovered by Brian Williams for 12 yards
  • Rondy White (Falcons) fumbled, recoverd by Adam (Packman) Jones for a 59 yard touchdown
St. Louis Rams vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (18-17 Buccaneers):
  • Neither QBs threw a interception
  • Sam Bradford (Rams rookie) fumbled, recoverd by Donald Penn for no yards
  • Buccaneers had no turnovers
Buffalo Bills vs. Baltimore Ravens (37-34 Ravens):
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick (Bills) threw 2 interceptions both to Ed Reed for a total of 46 yards
  • Shawn Nelson (Bills) had 1 fumble
  • C.J. Spiller (Bills rookie) had 1 fumble
  • Joe Flacco (Ravens) had 1 fumble
  • Josh Wilson (Ravens) had 1 fumble
Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Kansas City Chiefs (42-20 Chiefs):
  • Todd Bouman (Jaguars) threw 2 interceptions; one to Eric Berry (Chiefs rookie) and a Pick 6 to Derrick Johnson
  • Mike Thomas (Jaguars) fumbled, recovered by Thomas Gafford for no yards
  • Chiefs had no turnovers
Washington Redskins vs. Chicago Bears (17-14 Redskins):
  • Donovan McNabb (Redskins) threw 2 interceptions; Danieal Manning with one and D.J. Moore with the second one (one was a pick 6)
  • Jay Cutler (Bears) threw 4 interceptions (yes 4) all to DeAngelo Hall (yes all 4), one of the 4 was a pick 6
  • Ryan Torain (Redskins) fumbled, recovered by Charles Tillman for -8 yards.
  • Jay Cutler (Bears) had 1 fumble
  • Matt Forte (Bears) had 1 fumble
San Francisco 49ers vs. Carolina Panthers (23-20 Panthers):
  • Matt Moore (Panthers) threw an interception to Ray McDonald
  • Steve Smith (Panthers) had 1 fumble
  • DeAngelo Williams (Panthers) had 1 fumble
  • 49ers had no turnovers
Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Miami Dolphins (23-22 Steelers):
  • Neither teams QBs threw an interception
  • Ben Roethisberger (Steelers) had 1 fumble
  • Emmanuel Sanders (Steelers rookie) had 1 fumble
  • Brian Hartline (Dolphins) fumbled, recovered by James Farrior for 8 yards
Philadelphia Eagles vs. Tennessee Titans (30-19 Titans):
  • Kevin Kolb (Eagles) threw 2 interceptions, one run back for a touchdown, by Cortland Finnegan and Michael Griffin
  • Kerry Collins (Titans) threw 2 interceptions  to Quintin Mikell and Asante Samuel
  • Jorrick Calvin (Eagles) had 1 fumble
  • Kevin Kolb (Eagles) had 1 fumble
  • Kerry Collins (Titans) fumbled, recovered by Juqua Parker for no yards
Cleveland Browns vs. New Orleans Saints (30-17 Browns):
  • Dree Brees (Saints reigning Superbowl MVP) picked off 4 times; 2 pick 6s by David Bowens (Browns inside linebacker), Sheldon Brown, and Scott Fujita all recorded interceptions from Brees
  • No fumbles in this game
  • Browns didn't turnover the ball
Arizona Cardinals vs. Seattle Seahawks (22-10 Seahawks):
  • Max Hall (Cardinals rookie, 2nd string) threw an interception to Earl Thomas (Seahawks rookie)
  • Max Hall (Cardinals rookie) had 1 fumble
  • Tim Hightower (Cardinals) had 1 fumble
  • Andre Roberts (Cardinals rookie) had 1 fumble
  • Jason Wright (Cardinals) had 1 fumble
  • Matt Hasselbeck (Seahawks) had 1 fumble
New England Patriots vs. San Diego Chargers (23-20 Patriots):
  • Philip Rivers (Chargers) threw for 1 interception to Devin McCourty (Patriots rookie)
  • Philip Rivers (Chargers) had 1 fumble, from a lateral that Jacob Hester did not catch or even attempt to recover
  • Richard Goodman (Chargers rookie) had 1 fumble
  • Kris Wilson (Chargers) had 1 fumble
  • No turnovers by the Patriots
Oakland Raiders vs. Denver Broncos (59-14 Raiders):
  • Kyle Orton (Broncos) picked off for a 30 yard touchdown by Chris Johnson (Raiders CB not Titans RB)
  • Kyle Orton (Broncos) had 1 fumble
  • Demaryius Thomas (Bronocos rookie) had 1 fumble
  • No turnovers by the Raiders
Minnesota Vikings vs. Green Bay Packers (28-24 Packers):
  • Brett Favre (Vikings) threw 3 interceptions; a pick 6 to Desmond Bishop, to Nick Collins, and to A.J. Hawk
  • Aaron Rogers (Packers) threw 2 interceptions; to Jared Allen and to Madieu Williams
  • No fumbles in this game
New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys (on going):
  • Eli Manning (Giants) threw 3 interceptions (in the first two drives) to Terence Newman, to Gerald Sensabaugh, and to Keith Brooking
  • John Kitna (Cowboys) fumbled, recoverd by Justin Tuck for no yards
  • Brandon Jacobs (Giants) fumbled, recovered by Bradie James for no yards
  • Jason Witten (Cowboys) fumbled, recovered by Deon Grant for no yards
I'm not sure but it seemed to me this week had alot more turn overs than usual...and unusual quarterbacks turning the ball over. Every game this week has had 1 quarterback turn over the ball. 6 teams didn't commit a turnover; Patriots, Buccaneers, Browns, Chiefs, 49ers and Raiders. Who thought the Raiders would go a game without a turn over, but then again who thought they could score 59 points in 3 quarters. (About) 72 turnovers total for this week. An average of 5 turnovers per game. Two quarterbacks had 4 interceptions, one isn't new and one is, Dree Brees threw 2 pick 6s to the same defensive lineman and Jay Cutler threw 4 passes to the same Redskin, one time for a 'Skin touchdown, cornerback DeAngelo Hall. Also 8 rookies turned the ball over while 3 rookies either recovered a punt or intercepted a pass.

Link to links of all box scores: http://bit.ly/39D6yM
Washington Redskins' DeAngelo Hall on Jay Cutler: Trying me didn't work- ESPN: http://bit.ly/39D6yM

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