Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cowboys Beat Themselves, yet again; Cowboys vs. Vikings.

Both Cowboys and Vikings came into the game 1-3. Cowboys came out 1-4 and Vikings 2-3 with a final score of 23-21. Vikings did not beat the Cowboys, the Cowboys beat the Cowboys. Another horrendous game of penalties. The Cowboys officially had 11 penalties called, for 91 penalty yards. Many, many false starts and offsides. How hard is it to wait till the ball to be snapped? Isn't these things you should know how to do before you even play in junior high football? The Cowboys are horribly coached on both sides of the ball. I've always disliked Jason Garrett, him and every coach on the staff needs to be fired, like right now. The Cowboys have enough money to hire Bill Cowher. The Cowboys will probably end the season with only 1 to 3 wins, the Lions and Rams will have a better record then them. They will have the 1st overall pick in the draft, maybe they can use it to trade for the Dolphins coaching staff, the Dolphins only had 4.9 penalties called on average per game in 2009, 2nd fewest in the league, and 4.2 average this season while the Cowboys has had 9.5 penalties per game this season, fewest this season in the league.

Miles Austin had a great touchdown to put the Cowboys up 14-7 in the 1st half but it was called back by an offensive passer interference call he had commited. The Cowboys had the Vikings on a 4th down in the end of the 4th quarter to give the Cowboys good field position to stage a comeback but of course there was a passer interference call that gave them about 13 yards and a first down.

There was no good parts in this game for the Cowboys, and the fans. I was never at one point happy for a touchdown besides the first one where Miles Austin drew a celebration penalty, one celebration penalty in the past two games not both on Miles Austin. The Cowboys had the most passing, receiving, and penalty yards. The Vikings only had the top rusher of the game, Adrian Peterson. Tony Romo threw for 220 yards, 3 touchdowns, and 2 interceptions. The interceptions were horrible! Just like the one he threw at the end of the lose to the Titans. I have a feeling he doesn't know what our jerseys look like, he throws straight to the other team. Seriously? Both interceptions were caught by E.J. Henderson, he had 0 interceptions before the game but thanks to Tony he has 2 to add to his stats. Felix Jones had the most Cowboys rushing yards and the games most receiving yards with 32 yards rushing and 61 yards receiving. Roy Williams had 3 catches, 2 of them were for touchdowns. Also Dez Bryant had 1 catch, which was his first career touchdown. The Cowboys sacked Favre 3 times and knocked him down a bit, enough to have the crowd ask for a flag each hit.

The Vikings offense was horrible besides Adrian Peterson. Brett Favre threw for only 118 yards and 1 touchdown. Top Viking receiver was Randy Moss with 5 catches for 55 yards. Adrian Peterson fumbled the ball in the 1st quarter but he forgot about that quickly with rushing for 73 yards and 1 touchdown, which isn't really that great of numbers. The first play of the 2nd half Percy Harvin ran the kick off back for a touchdown.

I will never quit being a fan with the going gets tough, but as a fan I reserve the right to talk shit about them and say they suck. I will threaten to quit being a fan or become a band wagon fan but I never I will. It just sucks, sucks being a fan of a love/hate team that's going through tough times specially when the hopes were so high.

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