Thursday, October 7, 2010

One of NASCAR's Love or Hate Drivers: Jimmie Johnson

I truely don't understand why people dislike Jimmie Johnson. I have yet to hear 1 reasonable reason. 'Because he always wins' isn't a reason, that can be a reason to why you are annoyed or you don't root for him to win. I've never seem him drive dirty such as Brad Keselowski, Kyle Busch, Kevin Harvick, and a few others. He and Jeff Gordon had a little bit of a dispute but they were both men about it and talked it over.

I went to the Darlington spring race this year and when AJ Allemindinger got into him the whole crowd cheered. I wasn't sitting in a great spot to see what happened but I saw it later on television, it was scary looking. Just seeing the cars damage while the wrecker took it to the garage it looked horrible, yet the crowd cheered while the car passed by them. Really, I can understand the cheers from the names I listed above being wrecked but by a driver who passes cleanly and wins cleanly. It's just as stunning as Kyle Busch fans are they love Kyle for being aggressive and they applaud him when he is but if he's the victim of what he has done, his fans all feel the driver should be penalized. Some seem like they want Reutimann to be sentenced to the death penalty.

If you have any actual reasoning on disliking Jimmie Johnson; such as he was a jerk to you and such. Please post it in a comment. Like I said I haven't heard a decent 1 but I respect the ones that make sense.

Also I'm not a Jimmie fan or hater. I root for Joey Logano so I don't go for him because of sponsorship rivalries. But I am annoyed of Jimmie and his winning but I'd rather see a guy like him win the championship than let's say Denny Hamlin, Kevin Harvick, or Kyle Busch.

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