Friday, October 29, 2010

NFL Week 7 in Review

A little late I know. Anyhow these are 'some' of the notable plays, stats, and such from week 7.

  • Jay Cutler was picked off 4 times by DeAngelo Hall
  • Drew Brees picked off by Bowen for touchdowns
  • Jaguars got the 1 yard line due to penalty came out with only a field goal
  • Kevin Kolb threw a pick 6 that capped the game off for the Titans
  • Randy White had a bobbling catch for a touchdown
  • Ravens and Bills go into half time
  • Ravens win coin toss
  • Ravens punt and then Bills fumble recovered by Ravens
  • Ravens have been in two consecutive overtime games, lost to Patriots in OT, and now beat Bills in OT
  • Raiders scored 24 in first quarter, 12 in second, and 21 in third quarter
  • Philip Rivers threw a lateral pass to Jacob Hester, who dropped it, neither player went to pick it up or any Patriot, after a few seconds a Patriot defender picked it up. This makes me think of the saying 'Play until the whistle' Norv Turner must not teach that philosophy
  • Charger had 4 turn overs in the first half
  • Aaron Rogers threw a touchdown that wasn't reviewed that should of been because it would of been overturned
  • Brett Favre throws a pick 6 to a Packer defense player after limping off the field the previous drive
  • The winning touchdown for the Vikings was overturned and the Vikings ended up losing 28-24
  • Terrence Newman dropped a sure interception by Eli Manning then the next play got the interception
  • Second Giants drive Eli Manning was intercepted again to Gerald Sensabaugh
  • Dez Bryant had 3 touchdowns (4 career touchdowns)
  • Tony Romo, out, with a broken collar bone and John Kitna in for the Cowboys

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