Saturday, February 5, 2011

Marlins are America's Team of the MLB

The Marlins have sent their President David Samson, Assistant to the President and Hall of Famer Andre Dawson, Special Assistant to the President Jeff Conine, rookie outfielder Logan Morrison, recently signed veteran catcher John Buck, three mermaids, Senior Vice President of Marketing Sean Flynn, Marketing Superadvisor Boris Menier, and John Sulser who works with FS Florida to visit US troops stationed in Southwest Asia and Germany from February 3rd to the 11th. This is the Marlins second year of sending their personnel, current players, and Mermaids over seas to meet our troops.

The members of the group, so far only David Samson, have been posting on an MLBlog their experience. There is also the posts from last years trip mainly from John Baker, one of the Marlins catchers, that went on the inaugural trip.

NFL teams send out their cheerleaders on USO visits, singers have concerts for the soliders, and other celebrities visit the troops. The Marlins earn a whole new respect for doing this to me, I believe every single MLB team should use them as an example and do the same thing. The Marlins don't just send their groups to the main military bases but even to the small platoons that are more dangerous. From what I hear, and could assume, all the soldiers that get to meet them are thrilled and love to be able to talk about sports. I'm sure most of the men are glad to see the good looking Mermaids as well and get their mind off their exteremly dangerous jobs. I hope the members tell them how thankful we americans are for them and for what they do. I know I couldn't do anything in the military but I hope one day I will be able to support them many, many ways and maybe even take a USO trip one day.

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Anonymous said...

well said! Hope other MLB teams do the same as the Marlins!

Anonymous said...

FOX Sports Florida also just started a blog & video page on Producer John Sulser is there gathering videos and blogging daily. Here's link...