Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Seahawks don't fly well in snow; Seahawks vs. Bears

As I said stated in the "This season's playoff underdog vs. last season's Superbowl underdog; Saints vs. Seahawks" the Seahawks were going to be crushed against the Bears. Of course I was right, :). My father said that the Seahawks weren't even going to score a point and I said they'd score only field goals, read on to see if either of us was right.

1st quarter. The Seahawks won the coin toss and elected to receive the ball. Leon Washington returned the ball for 14 yards to the Seahawks' 24 yard line, that was the longest play of the drive. Next play Washington rushed for 9 yards to the Seahawks' 31 yard line. Marshawn Lynch was tackled in the back field, Matt Hasselbeck threw for an incompletion to Brandon Stokley, and the Seahawks had to punt without gaining a 1st down. After a fair catch by Devin Hester, after 2 rush plays both positive plays for 8 yards total, Jay Cutler threw to Greg Olsen for a 58 yard touchdown (7-0 Bears). The next Seahawks drive seemed to have a little more spark to it. Washington returned the kick off for 21 yards to the Seahawks' 24th yard line (same starting spot as the first drive). First play of the new drive, Matt Hasselbeck to John Carlson for a 1st down and more, unfortunately Carlson was injured with a hard hit on the sidelines and would not return to the game. Golden Tate ran for another 1st down and more the next play. Hasselbeck threw incomplete to Cameron Morrah, Justin Forsett was taken down for negative 1 yards, and then Hasselbeck completed to Morrah for 10 yards but still made them 1 yard short. The Bears & Seahawks did nothing but eat up around 4 minutes of the clock in 8 plays during their next 2 combined drives. The Bears ate up 5 minutes en route to a 1 yard rushing touchdown by Chester Taylor (14-0 Bears) with a little over 1 minute left in the 1st quarter. Seahawks started their drive with a 7 yard gain. Seahawks drive continued on to the...

2nd quarter. Seahawks couldn't even get a first down on their continued drive from the 1st to the 2nd quarter. Though the Bears also scored a touchdown on their first drive of the 2nd drive, after 8 plays for 3 first downs to get the Bears in the red zone. Jay Cutler actually ran the ball in himself for the 6 yard touchdown (21-0 Bears). Nothing exciting really happens for the rest of this quarter, well unless you love defensive plays. Matt Hasselbeck threw 7 incompletions and Cutler 4 incompletions. The 2nd quarter and 1st half ended with a Cutler sack for minus 6 yards with a Bears lead of 21. Halftime.

3rd quarter. 1st drives for Bears and Seahawks are yawn...3 and outs. Bears discontinued their streak from the first half of scoring on the first play of each quarter but they did score on their 2nd drive after 13 plays, around 8 minutes, and covering 69 yards for another Cutler rushing touchdown from 9 yards out (28-0 Bears). The Seahawks finalllly get on the board during their drive. They had 2 1st downs and got to the Bears' 12 yard line but had to settle for a 30 yard field goal, which Olindo Mare hit for 3 points (28-3 Bears), at this point I was right about the Seahawks' only getting a field goal and my dad was wrong because they scored a point. Bears' drive continued on to the...

4th quarter. The 4th play of the 4th quarter Cutler threw a pass intended for Hester and was intercepted by Aaron Curry. Now this is when the winning teams defense lays down and the final score makes it look better than it was... 2 minutes into Seahawks 1st drive of the 4th quarter Hasselbeck threw an touchdown pass to Mike Williams (28-10 Bears). Bears' tried to pass their next drive instead of run off the clock and had to punt after only running down 3:46 minutes off the clock. Seahawks 1 1st down and then had to punt. Bears' offense got the ball at the Seahawks' 48 yard line. After 2 plays the Bears' were at the Seahawks' 39 yard line and the next play they were in their endzone for a 39 yard touchdown pass by Cutler to Kellen Davis (35-10 Bears). Seahawks' score on a 3 yard pass from Hasselbeck to Williams (35-17 Bears). Bears' couldn't get a 1st down to run down the clock until the 4th quarter is over. Hasselbeck threw a 46 yard completion to Ben Obomanu to set up the 9 yard touchdown pass to Stokley (35-24 Bears). The Seahawks' try an onsides kick but the Bears' Johnny Knox recovered, therefore Cutler was able to kneel 3 times to end the game.

The Bears will be playing the Packers in the NFC championship game.

Title accredited to my dad.
Seattle Seahawks fire O-coordinator Jeremy Bates, add Tom Cable to staff-

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