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Sunday, September 19, 2010

One day winning a championship in Double-A then the next day in 'The Show': Osvaldo 'Ozzie' Martinez

Yesterday, 9/18/10, The Jacksonville Suns won back-to-back Southern League Championships. Three players were called to the Marlins after the game. Chris Hatcher the hero of Game 4 has been recalled while Sandy Rosario and Osvaldo 'Ozzie' Martinez has been called up, for the first time in their career. Hatcher and Rosario are both deserving but I knew Ozzie throughout the season, so this is going to be all about him! This has not been 'offically' announced but it has been released through media, such as FSMarlins, they posted this on twitter "#Marlins recall C Chris Hatcher; select IF Ozzie Martinez (#56) & RH Sandy Rosario (#65) all from AA..."

Ozzie was with the Jacksonville Suns all of 2010 season, he was on the 7 day disabled list from 8/24/10 to 8/31/10. Ozzie hit a .302 batting average 2nd best for the team, 54 RBI 3rd best for the team, .372 on base percentage also 3rd best for the Suns, and .401 slugging percentage 5th best for the Suns. During the playoffs he was hitting a .212 average. Ozzie was selected, and played in, the MLB Futures game the day before the All-Star game in Anaheim, California, he was also selected for the Southern League All-Star game which was right after the Futures game practically, in August he won Southern League player of the week, and he was also selected as a Southern League Post Season All-Star.

I had the pleasure of knowing Ozzie throughout the season, he is a great guy and he much deserves this call up. I'm so excited I hope he remembers the family that sponsored him through the booster club for his first and hopefully only season in Double-A ball.

It is official! Ozzie Martinez is to wear #56 jersey for the Marlins in the major leagues!

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Marlins article "Marlins call up Double-A champion trio by Joe Frisaro:

Jacksonville Suns are Back-to-Back Southern League (Double-A) Champions beating the Tennessee Smokies in Game 4 of 5.

The Jacksonville Suns are BACK to BACK Southern League Champions!! They had one hell of a season all the boys deserved it, not saying the Tennessee Smokies didn't.

The game was won in dramatic fashion, walk of home run in the bottom of the 9th by Chris Hatcher, hitting .071 in the playoffs. Hatcher was sent up to the Marlins during the end of the regular season, the Marlins optioned him back to the Suns to help them out during the playoffs. At first I wondered why did he get promoted, then it was really how is he suppose to help us?, then during the games he did barely anything offensively which then made him an automatic out in my mind, but then he did the unexpected walk off home run to give the Suns the win, the championship!

The MVP award of the Southern League playoffs went to Jeff Corsaletti, an obvious and very appropriate choice. Corsaletti had two games where he won the games with a home run. Corsaletti has offically hit for .450 in the playoffs. Corsaletti was signed as a free agent just recently by the Marlins, he played with the Suns toward the end of the season then was sent down to GCL Marlins to be sent back for the playoffs, and thank God he was!

Like I said in yesterdays post this game was going to be exciting, but it was all in the first pitch of the 9th inning that Hatcher rocked out of the stadium. I am so proud of the Suns players, this is the first team that I got to know players personally, so it's all the much better. I'm very glad I was able to say good bye to most of the ones I had talked to regulary. I wish them all the best of luck with their careers, I'm sure all of them will have a great future, and have a great offseason. I'd love to see them all in the majors, and of course I will be one of those people that brag about knowing them.

Anyhow the game win went to Sandy Rosario who pitched in the 9th inning for the Suns allowing 1 hit and 1 strike out. Luke Sommer of the Tennessee Smokies got the lose only pitching 0.2 innings (1 out in the 8th and one batter in the 9th) allowing 1 hit, 1 earned run, 1 strike out (in the 8th), and of course allowed that game winning home run.

Tomorrow when the pictures are posted I'll put a link up. I really didn't think of bringing my camera. I really should of but I don't tend to watch the game as much when I do.

Also if anyone thinks Minor League Baseball isn't real baseball, they have never seen a Southern League game, specially a play off game. Every player plays with heart, they all want to win, they all play for a shot in the bigs, and it's just a great atmosphere!

Link to the box score:
Jacksonville Suns article "Hatcher Walk-Off Home Run Sends suns to Fifth Southern League Championship" by J.P. Shadrick, Sun's radio broadcaster and writer:
MiLB article "Suns walk off with second straight title" by Robert Emrich: article "Jacksonville Suns repeat as Southern League champions" by Jeff Elliott:
PHOTOS: by, photographer Don Burk:

Friday, September 17, 2010

Southern League (Double-A) Championship Series Game 3: Tennessee Smokies vs. Jacksonville Suns

Looks like my sister will be getting sister has a 'crush' on the Jacksonville Suns, 27 year old right fielder from the University of Florida, Jeff Corsaletti. She made a deal without Corsaletti knowing, that if he hit a home run he was to propose, of course this really isn't going to happen, but he hit a home run tonight a 2 run home run.

Jeff Corsaletti's two run home run was the only runs scored in the game. The Suns shut out the Smokies 2-0. The Suns starter Brad Hand, 3rd start in Double-A, pitched 7 innings with a total of 3 hits, 3 base on balls, and 4 strike outs. Hand is now 2-0 in the 2010 Southern League playoffs. Sandy Rosario, only the 3rd pitcher for the Suns during Game 3, earned the save with pitching only the last inning (the 9th) allowing no hits, no base on balls, and 2 strike outs.

The Smokies as a team went 3-for-28, .107. Only Blake Lalli and Marwin Gonzalez got a hit during this game, Lalli with two singles and Gonzalez's only hit was a double. The Smokies starter was Trey McNutt, who got the losing decision, he pitched for 6 innings allowed 5 hits, 2 runs both earned, 3 base on balls, 6 strike outs, and allowed 1 home run (2 run). The Smokies bullpen put in two pitchers, as well as the Suns did, they totaled 2 innings with 0 hits, 0 base on balls, and only 1 strike out.

The Suns as a team went 5-for-27, .185. Suns lead off hitter Lorenzo Scott has been lacking in the offense department during the 2010 playoffs, he went 1-for-4 with a single. Five Suns players got one hit, four of the five hits were just singles besides the two run homer by Corsaletti that hit Matt Dominguez, the hero of the playoffs, and himself in. All the Suns hits were off the Smokies starter McNutt.

This game was definitely more of a defensive battle than a pitching or offensive battle. Still a good game just not one of the more exciting games, but tomorrow will be the best one, unless it goes to Game 5. Suns lead the best of 5 series 2-1, if the Suns win tomorrow the series is over and they are crowned back to back Southern League champions! but if they lose then it goes to a Game 5 and the winner of that game will be crowned league champions.

Best of luck to the Suns tomorrow! If you live in the Jacksonville area you don't want to miss it, it'll be at the Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville. Game time is 7:35, for tickets you can go to or call (904) 358-2846 or you can just buy them at the ticket office I personally guarantee there will still be awesome seats (really any seat in the park) will be available. Also no I don't work for the Suns just a huge fan and would love to see a full house for the Suns when they win their championship!

See you there!

Link to box score:

Thursday, September 16, 2010

National Football League (NFL) vs. Major League Baseball (MLB): Players

The recent NFL player holding out for more money/trade is Vincent Jackson of the San Diego Chargers. What makes these players think they need more money than the millions they make already make, when there are other players that are making barely a living on their own team?

Over the off season the Brett Favre saga was tested by the Darrelle Revis holdout. Revis, and/or his agent, felt he deserved to be the top paid defensive player. Two seasons ago Albert Haynesworth became the top paid defensive tackle and how did that turn out for the Redskins? Haynesworth has told his team he will not learn the 3-4 defense, he did not attend any OTA's to attempt to learn, he failed his conditioning test, and during the first regular season game, against the Dallas Cowboys, Mike Shanahan released to the media he would only play in passing downs that game, Haynesworth did not join the rest of the defense in meetings on the sideline just stood around with his hands on his waist. Do the Jets really think that Revis won't turn out like this if something doesn't go his way? I feel he will because we now know he cares a lot about the money he makes and he knows that he is the best player on that defense.

In the MLB, when do you ever really hear about holdouts or issues with players and managers? Rarely. Manny Ramirez and Nyjer Morgan are the biggest 'negative' personalities that you hear.  MLB players I'd say are the most humble since they have to work their way up to the top, so that's why you don't hear so much of them complaining for a raise or new contract. Even though most players that are drafted are young, playing through the minors make them work for their dream to play in 'The Show.' In the minors they don't make nearly the same amount of money as of what top major league players make, or any Yankee player. It's great that the MLB has the MiLB to help develop players physically and mentally, for baseball and for so much more.

MLB 1 NFL 0.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Twitter Humor: Logan Morrison (@LoMoMarlins)

Logan Morrison is orginally from Slidell, Louisiana. He is in his rookie season with the Florida Marlins. Logan is listed as a infielder, he played first base in the minor leagues, but after a celebration injury to Chris Coghlan he got his first call up to play left field.

Logan Morrison's major league stats, as of 9/14/10; with playing 44 games and 172 at bats he's batting a .302 average. He's on a current on base streak of 35 games, as of today 9/15/10.

Recently Logan during a homestand in South Florida, took a foul ball by Emilio Bonifacio to his left cheek right below the eye. No broken bones or serious damage, thankfully, but just one nasty bruise. After the game Logan tweeted "Wanna see what a close range line drive to the face looks like? Boom." along with a photo of the damage. He was bombarded with tweets about his misfortune. He also tweeted "Thanks 2 everyone 4 their concern Got very lucky - guess I have a really tough face. PS if black eyes r "sexy" then I'm @justinbieber today." He also replied to peoples comments about the incident such as; "Yes. Jk. Boni is 2 fast. He'd just turn & outrun it. RT @p_reezi: @LoMoMarlins do u plan on hitting boni in the eye as payback?," and "@BigAssSaintsFan freak accident. Though if Boni's hitting RH @ home I might wear a football helmet on-deck to be safe. :)." He also stated he was going to work on ducking for when Bonifacio is hitting and he is on deck. A follower even told him to make up a story about how he got the eye, like the orginal one isn't good enough, and his reply was "u think I look bad - u should see the ball."  This one from LoMo was one of my favorites personally, "If hitting behind Boni, I take my ondeck swings in the clubhouse RT @thecodygriffin: Did u have 2 make adjustments bc of the eye?"

Logan is very witty and has a good sense of humor, as you can tell by his tweets, he answers by some of his followers some related to baseball and some not... "Thats like asking do I want to go to the dentist - have to do it though. RT @goredlegs094: @LoMoMarlins Do you want to face Aroldis Chapman?" "Tony "Romo" RT @meechone: Looking 4 something derogatory 2 yell @ u from the stands tonight. Id prefer it rhymed w "LoMo" - got anything?", this one I do not care for :). "Jealous of all the attention the left eye is getting RT @AnnMarieNaumes: Question that probably hasn't been asked's the RIGHT eye?" "Ha I learned 3 new words last night alone RT @meechone: I wouldn't dare use bad language around kids, Logan. We're polite fans in Philly." "Thx As a Philly fan - ur heckling scares me. RT @GregVince: @LoMoMarlins As a #Phillies fan, u seem a worthy opponent. I respect ur game " "Coaching or maybe a jeweler - I love watches! RT @paatkinson: @LoMoMarlins what would you be doing if you weren't playing baseball?," this statement was confirmed by his mother, Diane Morrison. "Are the batteries new or used? RT @fcardillo: admit the only reason ur friendly w/ Phils fans is bc u dont want batteries thrown @ u." Someone brought up a good question does he get more questions from Marlins fans or Phillies fans, he thinks its a tie.

Logan also uses his twitter to help people learn about lung cancer and support lung cancer foundations. Logan's father, Tom Morrison, is currently fighting lung cancer. Mr. Morrison rode a train from Louisiana to New York to see his son play in the major leagues in person for the first time, so of course that series against the Mets is the best series the Morrisons' would agree.

Logan Morrison is trying to reach 10,000 followers, when he does he promised the host of the Fantasy Focus radio show that he'd come up to bat to their theme song. So if you have twitter, you like baseball, have a sense of humor, and like a nice guy go follow Logan Morrison, @LoMoMarlins.

I recommend to read this great story by a Marlins writer. "Morrison amuses parents with tweet" by Adam Spunberg

Monday, September 13, 2010

Cowboys vs. Redskins

So I'll just say it now, I'm a Cowboys fan.

The Cowboys blew the game last night. As a Cowboys fan I was so excited that they released Flozell Adams because that meant no more stupid offensive penalties, but as most know that wasn't nearly the truth. The Cowboys had 12 penalities for 91 yards while the Redskins had 5 penalities for 42 yards.  The penalty that football fans will remember for a while is the one done by Alex Barron with the game on the line. Tony Romo had thrown a touchdown pass to Roy Williams with 0:00 on the scoreboard in the 4th quarter but the game would be ended without the touchdown counting with a holding call on Barron. 

The last play in the half is what doomed the Cowboys. The dreadful play calling of Jason Garrett haunted the Cowboys again.  He calls a play for Romo to throw a short pass to Tashard Choice who then was hit by a few Redskin defenders, DeAngelo Hall was able to strip the ball and recieve his and the Redskins first defensive touchdown of the season. The score was 10-0 at the half.

The Cowboys defense was dominating the game even with tons of mishaps.  Graham Gano went to kick a field goal in the second half but another penalty on the Cowboys gave them a first down. The Cowboys defense was able to get the ball back to Romo without any farther damage on the score board.

The whole offseason and countdown shows was all about McNabb being traded to the Redskins by the Eagles.  So this game was the debut of Donovan McNabb being cheered in FedEx Field rather than being booed. McNabb left the game with all the hype leading to nothing besides a win. McNabb had a 63.4% rating, 15/32 completions/attempts, 171 yards passing, and 17 yards rushing. While Romo had a 89.1% rating, 31/47 completions/attempts, 282 passing yards, and 1 touchdown.

The Redskins should thank the Cowboys giving them the win so easily. If for one time the Cowboys could have a game without so many stupid Pee Wee mistakes the Cowboys would be 1-0.