Monday, September 13, 2010

Cowboys vs. Redskins

So I'll just say it now, I'm a Cowboys fan.

The Cowboys blew the game last night. As a Cowboys fan I was so excited that they released Flozell Adams because that meant no more stupid offensive penalties, but as most know that wasn't nearly the truth. The Cowboys had 12 penalities for 91 yards while the Redskins had 5 penalities for 42 yards.  The penalty that football fans will remember for a while is the one done by Alex Barron with the game on the line. Tony Romo had thrown a touchdown pass to Roy Williams with 0:00 on the scoreboard in the 4th quarter but the game would be ended without the touchdown counting with a holding call on Barron. 

The last play in the half is what doomed the Cowboys. The dreadful play calling of Jason Garrett haunted the Cowboys again.  He calls a play for Romo to throw a short pass to Tashard Choice who then was hit by a few Redskin defenders, DeAngelo Hall was able to strip the ball and recieve his and the Redskins first defensive touchdown of the season. The score was 10-0 at the half.

The Cowboys defense was dominating the game even with tons of mishaps.  Graham Gano went to kick a field goal in the second half but another penalty on the Cowboys gave them a first down. The Cowboys defense was able to get the ball back to Romo without any farther damage on the score board.

The whole offseason and countdown shows was all about McNabb being traded to the Redskins by the Eagles.  So this game was the debut of Donovan McNabb being cheered in FedEx Field rather than being booed. McNabb left the game with all the hype leading to nothing besides a win. McNabb had a 63.4% rating, 15/32 completions/attempts, 171 yards passing, and 17 yards rushing. While Romo had a 89.1% rating, 31/47 completions/attempts, 282 passing yards, and 1 touchdown.

The Redskins should thank the Cowboys giving them the win so easily. If for one time the Cowboys could have a game without so many stupid Pee Wee mistakes the Cowboys would be 1-0.

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