Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Twitter Humor: Logan Morrison (@LoMoMarlins)

Logan Morrison is orginally from Slidell, Louisiana. He is in his rookie season with the Florida Marlins. Logan is listed as a infielder, he played first base in the minor leagues, but after a celebration injury to Chris Coghlan he got his first call up to play left field.

Logan Morrison's major league stats, as of 9/14/10; with playing 44 games and 172 at bats he's batting a .302 average. He's on a current on base streak of 35 games, as of today 9/15/10.

Recently Logan during a homestand in South Florida, took a foul ball by Emilio Bonifacio to his left cheek right below the eye. No broken bones or serious damage, thankfully, but just one nasty bruise. After the game Logan tweeted "Wanna see what a close range line drive to the face looks like? Boom." along with a photo of the damage. He was bombarded with tweets about his misfortune. He also tweeted "Thanks 2 everyone 4 their concern Got very lucky - guess I have a really tough face. PS if black eyes r "sexy" then I'm @justinbieber today." He also replied to peoples comments about the incident such as; "Yes. Jk. Boni is 2 fast. He'd just turn & outrun it. RT @p_reezi: @LoMoMarlins do u plan on hitting boni in the eye as payback?," and "@BigAssSaintsFan freak accident. Though if Boni's hitting RH @ home I might wear a football helmet on-deck to be safe. :)." He also stated he was going to work on ducking for when Bonifacio is hitting and he is on deck. A follower even told him to make up a story about how he got the eye, like the orginal one isn't good enough, and his reply was "u think I look bad - u should see the ball."  This one from LoMo was one of my favorites personally, "If hitting behind Boni, I take my ondeck swings in the clubhouse RT @thecodygriffin: Did u have 2 make adjustments bc of the eye?"

Logan is very witty and has a good sense of humor, as you can tell by his tweets, he answers by some of his followers some related to baseball and some not... "Thats like asking do I want to go to the dentist - have to do it though. RT @goredlegs094: @LoMoMarlins Do you want to face Aroldis Chapman?" "Tony "Romo" RT @meechone: Looking 4 something derogatory 2 yell @ u from the stands tonight. Id prefer it rhymed w "LoMo" - got anything?", this one I do not care for :). "Jealous of all the attention the left eye is getting RT @AnnMarieNaumes: Question that probably hasn't been asked's the RIGHT eye?" "Ha I learned 3 new words last night alone RT @meechone: I wouldn't dare use bad language around kids, Logan. We're polite fans in Philly." "Thx As a Philly fan - ur heckling scares me. RT @GregVince: @LoMoMarlins As a #Phillies fan, u seem a worthy opponent. I respect ur game " "Coaching or maybe a jeweler - I love watches! RT @paatkinson: @LoMoMarlins what would you be doing if you weren't playing baseball?," this statement was confirmed by his mother, Diane Morrison. "Are the batteries new or used? RT @fcardillo: admit the only reason ur friendly w/ Phils fans is bc u dont want batteries thrown @ u." Someone brought up a good question does he get more questions from Marlins fans or Phillies fans, he thinks its a tie.

Logan also uses his twitter to help people learn about lung cancer and support lung cancer foundations. Logan's father, Tom Morrison, is currently fighting lung cancer. Mr. Morrison rode a train from Louisiana to New York to see his son play in the major leagues in person for the first time, so of course that series against the Mets is the best series the Morrisons' would agree.

Logan Morrison is trying to reach 10,000 followers, when he does he promised the host of the Fantasy Focus radio show that he'd come up to bat to their theme song. So if you have twitter, you like baseball, have a sense of humor, and like a nice guy go follow Logan Morrison, @LoMoMarlins.

I recommend to read this great story by a Marlins writer. "Morrison amuses parents with tweet" by Adam Spunberg

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