Monday, February 7, 2011

Dallas a good host of the Super Bowl?

My schools' news had a brief segment on Super Bowl XLV, where they stated 3 facts that not everyone knew about the Super Bowl, which I did know.

1. Ice fell off Cowboys Stadium and hit 6 people.

2. Christina Aguilera messed up the Anthem.

3. Temporary seats weren't installed in time leaving fans without seats and were refunded 3 times the amount.

Then they went on to say that Dallas dropped the ball hosting the Super Bowl...First off how was Dallas suppose to know they'd have cold, snow, and ice in February. Secondly, Christina Aguilera's mess up was all on her. The temporary seating was their fault though and partly NFL (will explain later). So I don't think Dallas dropped the ball there were some bad coincidences but overall seemed like everyone that had seats had a good time, the game was great and Cowboys Stadium is a miraculous stadium. The NFL even stated that Dallas and Cowboys Stadium did an awesome job and they have a strong chance of rehosting the Super Bowl in years to come.

Dallas had unusally wintery weather days leading up to the Super Bowl that led to Dallas airports being shut down and roads therefore alot of inconveniences to fans trying to get in town for the 'big game'. On Friday, February 4, ice and snow slid off of the roof of Cowboys Stadium and fell onto 6 workers that were preparing the stadium for the game. 4 workers injuries were minor and the other 2 workers were more severely injured, 1 was hit in the shoulder and the other in the head. 1 of the workers is in critical condition and isn't expected to make it. (So keep his family in your thoughts.)

Gamblers were betting on all sorts of things during the Super Bowl, such as how long Christina Aguilera would take to sing the National Anthem and how long she'd hold the last note. (The over/under was 1 min 54 seconds and she took 1 min 53 seconds and 7 miliseconds.) The story line though of Christina Aguilera's performance was her messing up the National Anthem. She repeated the line "What so proudly we watched at the twilight's last gleaming." instead of singing "O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming."

1,250 fans entered Cowboys Stadium excited to see Super Bowl XLV to find out that the temporary seats that they paid to sit in for the game had not been installed or were deemed unsafe to sit in. 850 fans were relocated to similar or better seats and the 400 fans that weren't able to be relocated were given 3 times the cost of their ticket ($2,400) and tickets to next seasons Super Bowl in Indianapolis. "
The NFL tried to placate those 400 fans, taking them inside the stadium to watch the game on monitors in the North Field Club behind the Pittsburgh bench. They also had the option of viewing the game from standing-room platforms in each corner of the stadium. Those fans will still get the triple refund.
The fans "watched game in club w/free food, soft drinks + merchandise," NFL spokesman Greg Aiello tweeted. "The other 850 were re-located to seats in equal or better locations. NFL + Cowboys staff and families gave up seats." -ESPN (Link #3). The NFL knew about the temporary seats possibly causing a stir a week before the game and didn't give any statement to those fans with temporary seating tickets about the chance of not being allowed to sit in their seats. The NFL stands by their decision of not alerting the fans and get them riled up if they didn't have to.

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