Saturday, October 16, 2010

Penalties, Dropped Passes, Missed Calls, and Blown Calls; Texas vs. Nebraska

This game was suppose to be full of emotions from the Big XII title game last season, where the Texas quarterback (Colt McCoy) threw away the football deep into the sidelines and the clock ran out. Oh but the refs had to review this and put .01 seconds back onto the clock which allowed the Texas kicker to make a game winning field goal. This game (todays game) was to be the main game of the Red Out Around the World, that University of Nebraska started for this season. Memorial Stadium was a sea of red. This was a game of redemption, it seemed like the fans had more emotions than the players. Texas won the 'last' regular season, conference, game against the Huskers 20-13.

Fans can blame the refs and say they were paid. Yes they did favor the Longhorns by a lot, but the Huskers had many many mistakes that took them out of the game. The refs did not call many holds by Texas, they called a completed pass that would of been a Husker first down incomplete when two refs were right in front of the play, and didn't call a passer interference call on a pass that could of given caught to give the Huskers a touchdown.

The Huskers wide receivers are who blew the game, mainly Niles Paul. (I have to remember these are just kids, they aren't getting paid to play, so I need to be more understandable still frustrating). Niles Paul, if I remember correctly, had 3 sure touchdowns that all he had to do is catch the football and run it in. How hard could that be? Only 1 was a not perfect thrown ball and 1 went straight through his hands. Brandon Kinnie dropped a pass that he was bobbling and had no reason to bobble or drop, that would of also been a catch and run for a touchdown.

Taylor Martinez was pulled during the 3rd quarter for last seasons starting quarter back Zac Lee. Lee did decent for what he was given. In the 4th quarter to give some life to the Husker fans and players, Eric Hagg ran a pooch punt 95 yards to the end zone, which made the score 20-13. The Huskers than did a stupid, stupid decision which was a onsides kick with 3:02 left in the game. The Huskers defense had the Longhorns on a 3rd down & 4 (I do believe and very close to the endzone) until a penalty for having 12 men on the field which then gave the Longhorns a 1st down. Which tallowed them to do victory formation til the clock ran out to end the 4th quarter, the game.

The touchdown by Hagg was the only touchdown of the game for the Huskers, Alex Henery made 2 field goals for 6 points. The Texas Longhorn quarterback, Garrett Gilbert, was trying to show that he, a Sophomore, was just as good of a runner as Taylor Martinez, a Freshman. Gilbert ran for 71 yards and 2 touchdowns, the only touchdowns by the Longhorns.

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