Monday, October 4, 2010

Price Chopper 400 at Kansas Speedway: #18 Kyle Busch vs. #00 David Reutimann

On lap 52 of 267 laps, Kyle Busch got into David Reutimann. It couldn't of been avoided but Kyle Busch could of laid off the gas when he saw David was slowing. On lap 154 David Reutimann retaliates against Kyle Busch by running into his left quarterpanel sending Kyle slightly into the wall and spinning himself, Reutimann, out. I can also understand why Reutimann felt it was intentional, fans need to realize when your in the car or spotting you see things very differently than if your just watching it on tv. The drivers and teams have a lot of emotions put into these cars that they work very hard on throughout the season. I personally don't care for Kyle Busch, so whenever he does something or something happens to me I always find himself hypocritical, which if you keep note of he is. Lets see on August 20th in Bristol for the Nationwide race, Kyle Busch passed Brad Keselowski and gave Brad no room when he went up on him so Brad slightly bumped into him, lighter than Kyle bumped Reutimann, so when Brad got around Kyle, Kyle took him out. Now Kyle retaliated against Brad here. So why does he play the victim when he's always the predator? Kyle gets under every drivers skin he races too hard some would say, while Reutimann earns his spots with pure racing not moving people over. Reutimann races like Mark Martin, Joey Logano, and other respectable drivers.

This is just my opinion. If you want to let me know yours just comment.

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