Sunday, October 17, 2010

Second Chances in Sports: NFL

Why should athletes deserve second changes that other people don't get, when they are plenty of people who live by the rules and also deserve a shot?

Michael Vick, former Atlanta Falcons quarterback, was arrested in 2007 for dog fighting. He was sentenced to 23 months in jail. The 2009 season he was released from jail and signed by the Philadelphia Eagles. Seriously they can't give him a year out of jail to see if he's changed or not? Criminals shouldn't be able to leave jail and go back to making millions. What does that tell the rest of the world? Oh if your a professional athlete, or celebrity, you can do anything illegal and either get away with it or reduced sentence, go to a nice jail, and then go back to making millions straight out of jail.

Dontè Stallworth, former Cleveland Brown wide receiver, was arrested for DUI manslaughter in 2009 and only received only 30 days in jail because he paid off the family, 2 years house arrest, 8 years of probation, and drivers license revoked for life. The normal sentencing for this crime in the state of Florida, where he commited this crime, is a sentencing of 10 years in jail. Stallworth is now with the Baltimore Ravens. How can someone offer a murder millions of dollars to play a game? While others who are sentenced with just a misdemeanor have a hard time just working for minimum wage.

Matt Jones, former Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver, in 2008 was arrested, not for the first time, for drug possession. The Jaguars were smart and didn't want anything to do with him after he and two other players were arrested. The Cincinnati Bengals signed him in 2009 but he never played and then they cut him.

Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback, has had 2 sexual assault accusations against him in 2009 and 2010. In 2009 he was accused of assaulting a woman in his hotel room in Lake Tahoe, where he was for a charity event. Big Ben has now (this week) just gotten off suspension by the NFL for an accusation of rape, during the offseason, in a restroom of a nightclub in Georgia. Big Ben had been buying the woman who accused him of rape, she was only 20, drinks all night. So if there wasn't enough to prosecute Big Ben on sexual assault charges why didn't they arrest him for purchasing alcohol for a minor? Anyhow the NFL did the right thing by suspending him. Why is it that the NFL does more punishing than the law? Isn't the law suppose to be unbiased? Will famous peoples cases soon be only heard in the Supreme Court?

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