Wednesday, October 6, 2010

MLB Postseason Prediction (A little late)

I know I'm a little late, but I promise I made these predictions prior to the first pitch of the Rangers vs. Rays game.  Also I make my picks out of who I think will be best, who I like, and I always pick against who I hate (Yankees) so that always messes it up but like the name of my blog I am biased when it comes to sports!


Tampa Bay Rays over Texas Rangers in 4 games - yes I'm keeping this even after the Rays lost 5-1 to the Rangers in St. Petersburgh, Florida

Minnesota Twins over New York Yankees in 5 games - I'd love to see the Twins win and I know the Yankees will put on a fight so if the Twins do win I believe they'll play every game.


Philadelphia Phillies over Cincinnatti Reds in 3 games - I feel the Phillies have too good of pitching to let the Reds put up a fight and their offense will back up Halladay, Hamels, and Oswalt.

San Francisco Giants over Atlanta Braves in 4 games - I didn't watch many Giants or Braves games this season so I'm sure when it comes to these teams I'll be completely wrong, but I like the Giants because of Tim Lincecum.


Minnesota Twins over Tampa Bay Rays in 4 games


Philadelphia Phillies over San Francisco Giants in 3 games - I almost typed in Philadelphia Eagles at first when football season began I'd mess it up with baseball lingo now I've watched enough football to mess up my baseball talk. Anyhow I feel the Phillies pitching, defense, and offense will just blow out the Giants.

World Series!

Twins over Phillies in 7 games - Why not have a hard fought champion? Anyhow this is based out of about 99% biasedness I really like the Twins and Joe Mauer and I'm an American League girl.

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