Sunday, April 17, 2011

Reponse to "Know when you've out grown the uniform" by John Steigerwald

As every sports fan and even non sports fans know, on MLB Opening Day a Giants fan, Brian Stow, was beaten into a coma by a Dodger fan in Los Angeles after the Dodgers defeated the Giants. I came across a horrendous article about this incident that made me sick to my stomach.

In an article for, John Steigerwald talks about what happened to Brian Stow and pretty much blames him for what happened. Steigerwald says grown adults shouldn't be wearing their favorite teams jerseys and that they all need to grow up because they aren't part of the 'team'.

How can you blame a person for being attacked for just wearing a teams jersey? According to his friends account he didn't do anything besides try to get to his car peacefully and the Dodger fan attacked him from behind. They knew that they'd have to watch their backs and every fan knows they do if they go see their team in rival territory but this was beyond anything other fans have done to each other without both sides saying or doing something to each other it was just out of the blue. On the part about not wearing your favorite jersey, that's just bull shit. Every fan wants to show their support to their team by wearing a hat, shirt, or a jersey. I really don't see what is childish about wearing your teams jersey to a game. Fans know we aren't part of the team and most players, mainly young ones, love seeing fans wearing their jersey. This guy is just absolutely ridiculous and should of never posted this article. It's his opinion but he should of known it would blow up and that 99.9% of people would not agree, and especially the way he wrote it. I hope the Stow family has not read this article.

I will continue to wear my teams gear to games even if it's at a rival of my teams park. If I ever was to see the Red Sox play at Yankee stadium, I'd still wear my Kevin Youkilis jersey and Red Sox hat but I would just be careful what I say and what I do. It was a great thing the Giants and Dodgers did pre-game of Game 1 in the next series between each other this time in San Francisco telling the fans to be civil and leave the rivalry on the field and between the players. I hope Brian Stow recovers, he won't be 100% the same though, and my thoughts are with his wife, kids, and whole family.

Link to article by Steigerwald-
Link to Stow's friends account of what happened- ESPN:

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