Friday, April 22, 2011

Anibal jinxed out of a no-hitter by MLB Network; Colorado Rockies vs. Florida Marlins

Anibal Sanchez pitched a no-hitter through 8 innings even though the Rockies had a run in the 1st. The run came off an missed catch error on Gaby Sanchez to get a routine out at 1st off an assist from Emilio Bonifacio. Dexter Fowler the leadoff hitter for the Rockies in the 9th ended Anibal's no-hitter with a single. Edwin Rodriguez, Marlins manager, allowed Anibal to finish the game which was the first complete game for any of the Marlins starting pitchers on the season. Anibal recieved the winning decision as the Marlins won 4-1 and as he pitched a 1-hitter.

MLB Network yesterday kept repeating and repeating that Josh Beckett and Roy Oswalt were pitching no-hitters. In the top of the 6th with a lead off single Beckett lost his no-hit bid after MLB Network analysts said 6 times in 3 sentences that he was pitching a no-hitter. After that then they said that Oswalt was the #1 story so since I was angry at them I helped them also jinx Oswalt. Later one of the analysts was talking about a good game a Mariners pitcher was pitching, not a no-hitter, and asked the other analysts not to jinx him too. The host says well he's not pitching a no-hitter, so they know they were doing wrong yet the continued to persistently announce they are pitching a no-hitter instead of using different wording or just showing the box score and circling the 0 hits. They also did the same thing to JJ two times, the 1st game I was able to watch the actual broadcast so didn't have to hear MLB Network jinx him and the 2nd game I was watching a Red Sox game and following the Marlins game on Game Day. So today since the Marlins game was telecasted and I was told that MLB Network was showing the game while Anibal was pitching. So when the Marlins were batting and during breaks all they were saying was Anibal is pitching a no-hitter and showing stats of when he had pitched a no-hitter as a rookie in 2006 vs. the Diamondbacks.

On a side note; Chris Coghlan hit his 5th career lead off home run (2nd home run of the season) and Gaby Sanchez hit his 2nd season home run, both solo shots. Omar Infante went 2-3 who has been a little off offensively, batting an overall average of .233. Scott Cousins started in left field due to Logan Morrison being put on the disabled list after the game last night, he went 0-4 in the game after going 2-4 last night with his first career home run, a grand slam.

Rockies' sluggers Carlos Gonzalez went 0-4 with 2 strike outs and Troy Tulowitzki went 0-3 with no strike outs.

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