Friday, December 3, 2010

Reponse to "Hey, Coach Stoops, win one for the Big 12." by Jennifer Floyd Engel

I'd like to say even with my lack of journalist skills and the name of this blog being 'Biased Sports,' that I don't put out the same kind of shit as Ms. Engel...if I do please tell me and I'll stop because this article is total bull shit.

The article was an open letter to Bob Stoops and the Sooner team. She congratulated them on winning Big XII South by saying that they barely got it from Texas and Texas A&M. She says she's not whining repeatively but in my opinion she definitely is. The letter it's self is full of ignorant statements about Nebraska and how the Sooners need to beat them. I think she totally forgets that it's a game and it's college students. She claims that Nebraska had no impact on the Big XII. We'll see about that once Nebraska leaves. Also claims that Nebraska will get their ass handed to them by Wisconsin and Ohio State. She's even so ignorant that she added in about people complaining about officiating during Texas and Texas A&M games, which were obviously in favor of Texas and Texas A&M shouldn't be any coincedence that both games had the same officiating crew. She definitely wrote this to piss off Husker fans, which she did, because she calls out Tom Osborne as not being classy...really? One of the best college coaches...she's definitely not getting respect by anyone for this article that knows anything about anything. She's also blind of the matter that Nebraska is known for having a great fan base by claiming they only have 14 fans in Lincoln. She admits she likes being bombarded with hate mail. Some how she brings the Cotton bowl into the mix and wishing them 'nothing but fail'. What a nice lady, right? She's right college athletics and colleges need money. That's why it's great to go to the Big Ten, athletics and academics gets money so even more scholarships. Why do you think small schools play top teams? Money...does she want Texas, Missouri, and who ever wagon she jumps on to only play top teams all season and let small schools stay small and never get a shot at being this seasons George Mason? She admits being scared of Bo Pelini, she better be if he read her shit, and doesn't even explain what the issue with Carl Pelini was and tries totally change what happened by making it seem like he was attacking Texas A&M players. "The last thing anybody outside Lincoln wants this weekend is to see Pelini dressed like a high school gym coach, chewing his gum, carrying his laminated play sheet, strutting around JerryWorld believing he showed us as he walks off to the numerically incorrect Big Ten." First off I'm in Florida and I love seeing Bo Pelini smacking his gum in anger, I like coaches that care about the game like I do, and we will win the Big XII for the last time just like we did in the last year of the Big 8. She also neglects to say Texas was the one that started the let's leave the Big XII but didn't because the Pac 10 couldn't give them their own tv network or the money.

So I'm not going to talk any shit about Oklahoma, but I want Nebraska to beat them for the sake of the rivalry and of course a Championship! Oklahoma started off shakey and finished strong, that's normally not good specially since Nebraska started off strong and started to wilter a little with the injury to star quarterback Taylor Martinez. Both sides have plenty of motovation this game will be great. I'd say a shoot out but Nebraska's defense won't allow that. There will be many big hits, maybe a few injuries due to it. It'll be either a great way or a bitter way to leave the Big XII but Nebraska has many fond memories of being in it and as you can tell the Big XII doesn't want them to leave by all the crap they've done out of jealousy. They were too scared to bring a Big XII representive to the game to award Nebraska the Big XII North trophy. Nebraska had an impact on the Big XII as did Colorado. Colorado just hasn't been very good as of lately so they're not getting any publicity about it and that's how you know it's not about the Big XII falling apart it's just about people getting too emotional about rivalries.

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